Guest of Valhalla

Guests of members are welcome at Valhalla.  We look forward to your visit and encourage you to familiarize yourself with a few of the items below to ensure you have a memorable visit. 

Entrance Gate & Valet service

Valhalla is located within a gated entrance. After approaching the entrance gate, please press the intercom button on the intercom box located to the left of the entrance gate. Please provide your name, the member that is sponsoring your round and starting time to gain access to the Club.  You will enter the drive and continue toward the Clubhouse.  We also offer complimentary valet service at the Clubhouse port cochere.   Signs will direct you to the location.  The valet also serves as club drop for your round.  We hope you enjoy this additional service.  


We ask that each visitor check-in at the Golf Shop located in the Valhalla Clubhouse upon arrival at a minimum of one hour prior to your starting time. A member of the staff will direct you to the locker room, dining facility, and the staging area for your golf game.  We ask that shoes not be changed in the parking area.  Guest lockers are available for rent as well.  

Cell Phones

Cell phones are to be silenced when on property. Club policy provides for a limited use of mobile phones in specific areas of the club and in a manner that is not disruptive. Mobile phone conversations are permitted in locker rooms, meeting rooms, and outside verandas . Discreet, nonverbal communication (i.e. text messaging, emails, and scheduling) is permitted throughout the clubhouse. Mobile phone use on the practice areas and the golf course is strongly discouraged. Texting is permitted as long as the phone is on silent.

Dress Code

Valhalla requires proper golf attire. The following will better acquaint you with our expected dress.  We do offer rental golf attire in the event the dress code is not followed.  

  • Denim of any color is not permitted.

  • Gentlemen are asked to wear a collared shirt.

  • Mock turtlenecks with a neck length of at least one and one-half inches are acceptable.

  • Shorts may be worn but must not pass below the knees or be higher than four inches above the knee.

  • Cargo shorts are not permitted.

  • Please keep shirts tucked in and all head wear worn in the forward position.

  • Women must wear a collared shirt or golf blouse.

  • Tank tops, halters, and tee shirts are not permitted.

  • No metal spikes.

  • Golf hats are acceptable but must be worn facing forward.